What’s included


  • Plug and Play option
    • Delivery of standard policy manual your team can use as is or edit
    • 30 min Q&A support session with a cybersecurity policy expert




  • Fully Customized option
    • 30 minute planning call with your project success manager

    • A review of your business model and recommendations on the best regulatory framework to align with

    • Review and high-level gap analysis of any existing policies and documentation

    • A custom outline of your new policy built based on your business, data, risk, and maturity level for input and feedback

    • Delivery of the full policy manual

    • 30 minute debrief and Q&A meeting


Why choose this pop-up

Every company should have an information security policy. It set’s the foundation for cybersecurity guidance, rules, and culture within an organization. It’s also a requirement in generally every reputable security framework and regulation. Bad security policies are a common culprit to audit failure and certification revocation as well. Need an expert to create or fine-tune your cybersecurity policy? This is the pop-up project for you!


Company Cybersecurity Policy