What’s included


Penetration Test:

  • Establishment of rules of engagement

  • 60 minute information gathering call with your project success manager

  • Testing (may require documentation gathering and technincal support from a company technology resource for internal tests)

  • Detailed report of findings for your review and feedback before delivery of final report

  • 30 minute debrief and Q&A meeting


Roadmap (add-on):

  • Creation of a customized recommended prioritization and roadmap to improved security based on your current resources and business goals

  • 30 minute debrief and Q&A meeting


Why choose this pop-up

It’s important to test the security of your systems and identify any security holes before the bad guys do. When was the last time you hacked into your own systems? Are you in need of an expert who can help you test your security? If so, this is the pop-up project for you!


Penetration Test

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